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Quality / Environmental Policy
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Quality / Environmental Policy  
Quality / Environmental Policy:

With tiny to get broad , with core to create;
Get to the bottom of the affair ,SDC harmony;

Quality / Environmental Objectives:

1 、Customer satisfaction rate > 90%;
2 、New product s development successful rate > 95%;
3 、Always choose environmentally friendly products;
4 、Always dedicated to green products;

Quality / Environmental Policy Implications:

1 、With the least consumption of resources to create maximize society wealth;
2 、With the smallest risk to predict management dynamic trends ;
3 、Preventing pollution from the design source , to reach the goal of "zero emissions ";
4 、Saving every drop of water , each unit of electricity , gather our strengths together;
5 、Gather full creative wisdom , intention to create the Devechip's future;
6 、Only by catching up with the hidden danger, asking questions in the end can achieve continuous improvement;
7 、Continuously improve the concept, quality and service to maintain fundament development;
8 、Take science and technology as the driving force to develop environmental protection and carry forward harmonious social environment;

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