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SDC held semi-annual review meeting
On 7th October, 2014, SDC held its semi-annual review meeting at conferences’ room. General Manager Tian Jianbiao and other department leaders attended the meeting. Mr. Tian made speech, reviewing the past and looking forward to the future. His speech offered technical and strategic support to SDC’s development.
First of all, heads of all departments summarized their work, reviewed the achievement and shortcomings of the past few months, analyzed problems that need to be solved, worked out the strategic aim of the whole year, making plan with clear thoughts. Mr. Tian commented each department’s performance and affirmed that company’s goal established last year had been mostly achieved with the improvement of sales ability, internal procedure management, and structure of researching team, production cost, increasing OTD rate and Quality control consciousness. At the same time, Mr. Tian pointed out the problems and required all departments to make improvement.
General Manager Tian asked all leaders to seize the opportunity and strive to innovate and change. The whole SDC group needs to improve management level, to clear development goals, to work more efficiently, so as to complete the tasks throughout the whole year.
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