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Power Management
Power management chip of charger
Power management chip of Adapter
Power management chip of Electrical bicycle Charger/Converter
Half bridge/Full bridge power management chip
Hall sensor/motor driver
Fan/Motor Driver Hall IC
Hall Switch IC
Linear Hall-effect Sensors
Fan/Motor Driver
Standard Linear Circuit
Operational Amplifier
Linear Reference Source
Standard Linear Circuit  
Operational Amplifier
SDC provides chips of dual or four operational amplifiers for customers to choose, which can be applied to single power supply, dual power supply with the feature of high pressure, low noise, and low power consumption.
Dual channel Operational Amplifier
4 channel Operational Amplifier
With the offer of dual - way or four - way comparators, SDC chips, which has the advantageof high pressure and low power consumption, can be used to single power supply and dual power supply.
Dual channel Comparator
4 channelComparator
Linear Reference Source
With excellent thermal stability and high reliability, SDC provides precisely adjustable voltage regulators for our customers.
Programmable Shunt Regulator
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