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Power Management
Power management chip of charger
Power management chip of Adapter
Power management chip of Electrical bicycle Charger/Converter
Half bridge/Full bridge power management chip
Hall sensor/motor driver
Fan/Motor Driver Hall IC
Hall Switch IC
Linear Hall-effect Sensors
Fan/Motor Driver
Standard Linear Circuit
Operational Amplifier
Linear Reference Source
Hall Switch IC  
Through the detectionof the change of magnetic induction intensity and the output of high-low digital logic, SDC switch Holzer detection chip is able to judge the movements and locations of the objects. With various forms of package and comprehensive switch and latch solutions, SDCSwitch Holzer detection chip can be used to meet the requirements of different purposes, such as proximity switches, non- contact type positioning, flow detection, motor phase detection, etc.
unipolar Hall-effect sensor IC
bipolar Hall-effect sensor IC
Micropower&omnipolar Hall-effect sensor IC
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